Crook Industries vs. Cody Weston

The 2021 Wyoming High School Mock Trial case presents the case of a Carter City corporation, Crook Industries, that developed a miracle hand cream Re-Nu-Skin and contracted the services of a local rodeo hero and Instagram influencer, Cody Weston, to market the product. The cream used oil from the truffia nut, grown in Southeast Asia. After damaging reports of complicity with a destructive cartel that abused the truffia farmers — reports that Crook Industries denied — Weston denounced Crook Industries and quit.

Crook Industries sued for breach of contract. Each party claims the other violated terms of the contract first. Mock trial teams have a lot to consider in answering that question.

Case materials and rules of competition and rules of evidence by National High School Mock Trial are provided below.

Case corrections/comments:

There are two corrections to the case as posted: The date of the complaint is April 4, 2021 (page 4 of the case materials). Alex Johnson is the vice president of marketing and supplies. The title in the affidavit is correct.

The 2021 WHSMT virtual competition is Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 — the first Friday and Saturday in December. We will add dates, if necessary. We are using the Zoom platform and plan to use trial times on Friday afternoon and evening and at three times on Saturday.

Deadline for team registration is Nov. 11, 2020. Please download the registration form , complete it and email to Advise WHSMT if your team has conflicts with the two competition dates.

Please send questions or correction queries about the case to We will post clarifications and corrections on the case page.