State of Wyoming vs. Parker Madison

The 2022 Wyoming High School Mock Trial case presents the prosecution of Parker Madison, who is charged in the gunshot death of a partner in a Carter City casino he suspects of skimming profits and putting the whole enterprise in danger of defaulting on an agreement with Las Vegas backers.

Madison has the means, the motive and the opportunity, but is that enough to reach a guilty verdict on the charge of second-degree murder? The victim, Sammy Swan, disappeared in 2018 but now his decomposed body has been found at the bottom of an old fuel oil tank, so it’s hard to find forensic evidence that will stand up in court. The pretrial memo included with the case points students to some of the arguments that may arise in presenting the case, including the weight given circumstantial evidence and principles of spousal immunity.

The 2021 WHSMT virtual competition is Dec. 3 and Dec. 4 — the first Friday and Saturday in December. We will add dates, if necessary. We are using the Zoom platform and plan to use trial times on Friday afternoon and evening and at three times on Saturday.

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